Alex (seepingmouth) wrote in newyork_dolls,

BitTorrent users

Born to Lose (probably a documentary most of us have not seen, or maybe I'm just behind!) is available, for BitTorrent, so if you're familiar with BitTorrent, you need more people downloading it for it to go faster, and I thought this was the perfect place to ask because a lot of people have been wanting to see this documentary

Just google, BitTorrent, download the program

and then download the file here

We need more people to download so it can go faster :) (you can also look up the Don Letts infamous Punk Rock movie there)

Here is a picture of Johnny:

x posted to: johnny_thunders
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I tried so many times before to download it from pirate bay but it never worked. I got frustrated and gave up. You inspired me to try it again haha. I want to see this movie really bad.
It's downloading for me, but it's going to take reallly long.
You just need patience!
Leave it open for days if you have to (for Johnny!)
I feel so lucky to have a copy of Born to Lose...everyone reading this should watch it! Although the condition Johnny was in towards the end was tragic, as was everyone talking about his death :o( Regardless, it's worth watching!
I Downloaded it and seeded. I want to see the version where the movie opens with one of Johnny's sons.