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Heartbreakers / Oddballs interviews and more in B.S zine #36

Issue 36 of the UK’s only fake-fur adorned rock ‘n’ roll read – ‘Bubblegum Slut zine’ - is out now and includes an in-depth interview with Walter Lure, covering his time in the Heartbreakers, The Waldos and the very different life he leads today, plus another chat with Stevie Klasson, taking in his experiences in the Oddballs before focusing on the rise of the vintage guitar dealership he established after the demise of the band.
Additionally the free sampler CD included with this issue features a live track from Walter, and The Bermondsey Joyriders' (ex-Cock Sparrer / Chelsea / Heavy Metal Kids) Thunders tribute 'Part of My Problem', a tune which has already met with high praise from Patti Palladin. Also inside Issue 36, you’ll find 88 pages of


Kid Congo Powers : Former Cramps, Gun Club and Bad Seeds man on his new band The Pink Monkey Birds!
California Deathrock : A brief history of the darkside of Sunset, featuring 45 Grave, The Gun Club, Christian Death, The Deep Eynde & Cinema Strange
The Slits : Tessa Pollitt talks celebrating 30 years and new album ‘Trapped Animal’
The Glitterati … finally set a release date for their second album!
The Barracudas : reminiscing with perhaps London’s only surf-punk outfit as a new retrospective compilation goes on sale
Pretty Boy Floyd : Steve ‘Sex’ Summer and Kristy ‘Krash’ Majors on putting their differences aside and reuniting. Again.
Italian Glam Explosion : A few figures at the heart of the scene discuss why Glam metal is picking up in the Med.
Glambone : The guy behind the best place to get your rare glam online offers some opinions and choice tunes.
Gypsy Pistoleros : British flamenco glam comes home!
Andrew Czezowski & Susan Carrington : a chat with the London clubland legends behind The Roxy & The Fridge
The Point : New project of Neil Leyton & Hellacopters’ Nicke Andersson
Art Of Rock special : Featuring R.A.R.E & Green Day exhibitions, and the resurrection of San Diego’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics!
Songs From A Wasted Youth : this issue Voice Of The Beehive

Plus … interviews with Bai Bang & The-Front
Fashion from Rock ‘n’ Needle, Veil Of Visions & Soo Catwoman’s Catwoman Clothing
Gig & festival reviews including Hellfire and Firefest
All your usual columns and a brand new one from Shane Flipside
And original artwork from Studio Diablo, Spooky Squiggles and Louis Howard.

On this issue’s free CD : Walter Lure, The Bermondsey Joyriders, Battle Flask, The XGirlfriend Experience, (AllMyFriendzAre) DEAD, The-Front, Solid Ground, East End Trinity, The Hated, SexMess, Young Lust, Planet Eyelash, Distorted Breed, LiViD, Stupid In Stereo, First Time Riot, Skinny Bones & The Gonedaddys, The Neurotic Spiders & The Ashtones.

How To Order

To order using PayPal please use the Storefront in the ‘about me’ section of our MySpace page – Inclusive of UK postage copies cost £2.40, or £3.10 to European destinations and £4.00 worldwide. If you would like to order more than one copy outside of the UK please get in touch for reducing shipping rates.

You will also find details of ordering via NoChex & other payment methods in the same place on the MySpace page
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